Art Johnson is a true magician, a man
who does amazing things you won't believe.
And he performs his remarkable magic 
right in front of you and your guests... often
right in your own hands!

He's traveled all over the world as a magic
, and he makes his home in
Las Vegas. So, if you're having a party in
your home in Vegas, or an event at one of
the casinos, he'll help you make it a truly
special gathering... an affair to remember!

Some say it's his love of people that makes
his magic so entertaining.
Others say it's his
magic fingers.
They often grab his hands just
to see if they are normal! 

There's no camera trickery with Art's magic,
that's for sure. It's real sleight-of-hand. And
it will have you and your guests gasping in
amazement, and laughing with delight... just
the kind of energy and fun every party needs!

Call Magic Art today, to reserve him for your
special party or event. Ask him about his

Magic - Amazement - Laughter - Warmth
Your friends and guests will talk about your party for days afterwards!  And they'll thank you for inviting them.